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Building Policies


Welcome to the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre and thank you for choosing us as your Health and Fitness Centre. Please review the following information carefully. TPASC provides individuals, groups, and corporations the opportunity to enhance their health and well-being in Canada’s finest sport and fitness facility. 


Facility Hours

Monday – Sunday: 5:00am – 12:00am


TPASC will be open 365 days a year with a modified holiday schedule on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day     
  • Good Friday 
  • Thanksgiving          
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • Family Day            
  • Victoria Day          
  • Canada Day           
  • Civic Holiday           
  • Labour Day             


Parking passes can be included within membership at the discretion of the User.

Conditions for the use of parking  passes by TPASC:
•    Parking passes are non-transferable.
•    Parking passes are solely intended for use by the member to whom the pass is assigned and only when using TPASC facilities.
•    Overnight parking is not permitted.

Monthly parking is not available for University of Toronto students, staff or faculty. If a UofT student, staff or faculty is found in possession of a fraudulently obtained parking pass this may result in barred entry from TPASC facilities.

Members who facilitate the use of their parking pass by a UofT student, staff or faculty, knowingly or unknowingly, are subject to the following:
•    Forfeit of the parking pass and privilege to park at TPASC.
•    Forfeit of the assigned TPASC membership and related services without refund. Membership privilege may be denied for up to one full year.

All costs incurred for any potentially related parking tickets, vehicle towing or impounding related to the vehicle using that parking pass, are solely the responsibility of that member.

All members must sign a parking waiver acknowledging the below conditions to obtain a TPASC parking pass

All members must submit a permit application to TPASC membership services to obtain a parking pass. Members must follow all conditions set out in the application.

All members must follow the policies and guidelines of TPASC parking when using the service *duplicate info?

Guests of members are not extended a parking pass or services by TPASC and must follow all policies and guidelines of TPASC parking services

Facility rental agreements do not allow for the extension of parking passes or services by TPASC. All Renters and their parties may purchase monthly parking passes based on their rental agreement, and must follow all policies and guidelines of

TPASC parking services when using those services.


The main lobby, Level 2 corridors, restaurants and retail stores are open to the public. 

Membership cards will be provided to Users with valid government issued photo identification or proof of address for City of Toronto Users. There will be no entry into TPASC program areas without accessing a membership card. 

All Users under 10 years of age must be accompanied by care giver. If child is attending a registered program, care giver must accompany the child to that program area and sign in with the instructor. The care giver must remain in the facility during program period. 

Program areas will be accessed through turnstiles located beside Membership Services.

If a membership card is forgotten, the User must speak to membership services to gain access to the facility. UTSC students may not transfer their membership cards to other students and will be subject to UTSC policies regarding this prohibited practice. 

For specific admittance policies and age requirements, please see each program areas operation procedures. 


Opening Procedures

Doors will open 30 minutes prior to facility opening.

Program areas will commence operation as listed on schedule.

Participants are expected to have valid membership cards or government ID to enter TPASC. No entry will be allowed into TPASC without valid ID. 

Closing Procedures

All areas of the facility, including locker rooms must be vacated at closing time.

All activity areas close 30 minutes prior to the facility closing time.

Participants are expected to finish any activity, return any equipment, finish in the change rooms and exit the facility prior to closing



TPASC is committed to protecting the personal information of all users by following best practices

The collection of personal information will be gathered to better serve our clientele and to also ensure the safety of all TPASC users.

Information gathering will relate to registration and payment, program delivery, and to fulfill regulatory obligations 

TPASC will not give out any personal information that is collected from any users without any knowledge or consent unless required by a government body or agency, or as permitted by law.

TPASC will not sell any personal information collected from users.

Upon membership registration, users will agree that if the foregoing commitment is breached, despite the following of the best practices by TPASC, there will be no claim or right to any damages or reimbursement on the account of any loss, damage or expense whatsoever.

Confidentiality agreements will be required from staff that have access to any data bases from UTSC, City of Toronto, or TPASC.  

Adherence to UTSC and City of Toronto privacy policies will apply to the sharing of information.

Please also visit our website and app terms of use and privacy policy.



TPASC will have 24 hour security on the premises. 

All program areas, the main lobby, corridors, restaurants, entries and exits will be subject to 24-hour video surveillance.



Cell Phones

The use of cell phones and/or electronic devices is prohibited in all change rooms and washrooms. 


The use of cameras, video cameras or other photographic devices, including camera phones and PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants), in any program area or facility is prohibited unless written permission is granted by TPASC. 

Pictures may only be taken of children/patrons in their personal care.  Every attempt should be made to limit or eliminate other patrons from being filmed in the background. 

The use of all photographic devices; cameras, video cameras, camera cell phones and PDA’s are prohibited in all change rooms and washrooms. Signs will be posted in these areas. 

Promotional Material 

All communications or promotional material that is to be visible to the public will be approved through TPASC management. 

A Community Information Board will be accessible in the lobby area. 



Public Safety

Safety of Patrons in the facility is of paramount importance to TPASC.  

Major violations of safety standards and procedures may result in immediate dismissal. 

Assumption of Risk

All participants at TPASC are responsible for determining if he/she has the appropriate fitness level to participate in any activity. Participants are encouraged to consult with their healthcare provider before participating in any exercise or physical activity programs. 



First aid kits and AED’s are located in all program areas. 

TPASC has 2 first aid treatment rooms.  One located on level 2 across from the Fitness Area and one beside the Lifeguard office in the Training Pool area.



In the case of any accident or injury in the facility, a TPASC staff member must be notified.

Incident reports are required if medical or first aid attention is required OR if loss or damage to property occurs.

Incident reports are available in every program area control point and must be filled out in detail.



An emergency plan will be posted in each program area.  

TPASC Staff will lead emergency procedures and will be accompanied with P.A announcements, guiding Users to safety.

In any cases, members are to follow instructions by the program area staff and not return to change rooms to collect their personal belongings.  

In case of evacuation, emergency meeting area will be the IC Building on UTSC Campus (or potentially the HP Building at Centennial College).



Emergency Closures

Participants must stop participation within any program area during a power outage or facility emergency. Instructions will be given on how to evacuate program areas by TPASC staff who will direct members to safe areas. 

For extended power outages, the facility may be temporarily closed.

Notices of the closure will be placed on the TPASC website, and social media outlets and will include the date/time of re-opening when the decision has been made by TPASC staff. 

Closure for Weather/Delayed Opening/Early Closure 

In the event that the facility is closed, cannot open on time, or must close early, notice will be placed on the TPASC website and social media outlets. 

TPASC may act as a community shelter in times of emergency including weather alerts. 

Closures for Special Events

At various times, TPASC may be hosting special events. If these special events conflict with program areas and/or facility rentals, all TPASC users will be given notice of these closures

Some events may require limited access to some program areas, while others may restrict access completely.  

Scheduled closures will be posted on the TPASC website, and social media outlets. 

If the scheduled event affects a facility rental, the renters will be given 30 day notice of the event. Credit will be provided if required, or alternate training space may be provided. 

Areas of the facility may be closed or restricted due to scheduled cleanings, maintenance or any unforeseen circumstances. Users will be notified of any planned closures in a timely manner. 



TPASC is a shared environment that requires interactions to be carried out with respect and consideration for others. TPASC reserves the right to suspend or cancel membership for inappropriate behaviour or failure to comply with membership and building policies.  Individual program areas will have their own rules and regulations set out for members and Users. Please see appropriate section for individual program area rules and regulations.

City of Toronto has a code of conduct, and suspension and ban and anti-bullying polices which governs the participation of users in the TPASC facility.

UTSC department of athletics and recreation has a fair play policy that UTSC students are expected to adhere to when in the TPASC facility. 



TPASC reserves the rights to suspend or cancel a user’s membership, or program access in its sole discretion for any inappropriate behavior or failure to comply with the etiquette standards set out by TPASC. 

UTSC students are subject to all UTSC policies. University policies and procedures will also apply to students. 

If any user, at any time, becomes a risk to him/herself or to any others using TPASC programs, facilities or equipment, he/she may be removed from the program or facility without any refund based on the judgement of the applicable staff member. 



No photo/video devices or cell phone usage in any change room/locker room.

Children 7 years of age or older are required to use the changeroom designated for their gender or the Universal Changeroom which is open to everyone. Please speak to facility staff to make alternate arrangements, if necessary.

TPASC is a shared environment that requires interactions to be carried out with respect and consideration for others. TPASC reserves the right to suspend or cancel membership for inappropriate behaviour or failure to comply with membership and building policies.  

No harassment of any kind will be tolerated and such actions will result in immediate cancellation of TPASC membership. 



TPASC recommends locking up all personal items during each visit. TPASC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or unattended personal belongings.

Lockers are available for rent on a monthly or annual basis. 

Locks can be provided for a rental fee. 

Day-use lockers:

Available at no cost to any user. 

Personal locks can be used on the day-use lockers. 

All personal belongings must be cleared out of the lockers at the time of closing each day. Any locks remaining at the end of the day, are subject to being cut off at the owner’s expense. All items will be confiscated and placed at Lost and Found. 



TPASC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or unattended personal belongings.

Any found items will be turned into the customer service desk.  

Any small returned items or items that may have significant value (i.e. cell phones, wallets, etc.) will be stored in locked area at the membership services desk. 

Unclaimed clothing, towels, or personal items will be donated or discarded after one week.

Lost membership cards will be returned to the customer service desk.



Only service animals are permitted in the facility. 

Service animals include any animal with a job to do for a person with a disability.  These include any service dog, guide dog, or other animals that have been individually trained to provide assistance to any person with a disability (e.g. an animal trained to alert an individual to an oncoming seizure and take them to safety). 



TPASC is a smoke free area – smoking anywhere on TPASC property is strictly prohibited.




The facility of TPASC is a licensed facility. No alcohol shall be brought in from outside sources or consumed in locker/change rooms.

Food Court

TPASC restaurants will be located in the main lobby area and accessible to all community residents and TPASC Users without accessing programs or paying for any services. 


TPASC retains exclusive Food and Beverage rights for the facility. 



HP athletes 

All HP users will provide a copy of their organizations insurance coverage/policy

Community groups

All community groups (i.e. those renting training time in the facility) will provide a copy of their organizations insurance coverage/policy

TPASC members

Assumption of Risk and Limitation of Liability sections of membership agreement outline and release TPASC from any risk or financial obligation in case of medical or emergency situations. 



TPASC’s towel service and equipment rental is available for all users at an additional cost.

All loaned items will carry a charge and must be returned upon completion of use. Outstanding items will be billed to User account. 



To make a facility booking at TPASC users first must complete a Rental Request Form* by providing basic information and rental requirements. TPASC will then review the rental request and provide the availability of the requested facility.

Forms will be available at the Membership Services Desk. Bookings will be made on a first come, first serve basis for individual rentals with policies outlined within a signed agreement. 



Comment cards will be available throughout the facility. Cards will be collected on a daily basis and answered by program managers. 

Appointments can also be made with program managers to discuss issues of customer service and general safety. 

For matters of immediate health and safety, security staff will be located throughout the building.



The Fitness Center is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.

Lockers are to be used for legitimate purposes only.

Please report the presence of suspicious individuals in the locker room to staff at the Fitness Center Desk. 

For the privacy of everyone, use of cell phones or cameras of any kind is prohibited in the locker room. 

All lockers are the property of TPASC. A fee will be assessed for locker damage caused by negligence or abuse. 

Caution: Wet floors in the locker room may be slippery.

Please watch your step.

Please report any facility problems and/or injuries to the Fitness Center staff immediately.

Fitness Center Staff reserves the right to check lockers for unreturned towels, equipment, and to resolve safety/security concerns. Everyone will be notified should this occur. 



Please do not bring personal belongings into the Conditioning Room or Program Studios. To allow for clear paths of access and to prevent accidents, bags, jackets, clothing and purses must be kept in a locker. Please speak to any staff representative for details on locker use/rental.

Food and glass containers are not welcome in the Fitness Centre. Re-sealable plastic bottles and non-spill containers are welcome in the Conditioning Room and Program Studios.

Proper gym attire is to be worn throughout the Fitness Centre at all times. Clothing is to be tasteful and adequate in coverage. Clothing should be clean to prevent odours and should not be ripped.

Tops • Tasteful in coverage. 

Bottoms • Jeans or street wear are not acceptable. Shorts should be tasteful in coverage.

Shoes • Athletic footwear is to be worn at all times (with the option of removing shoes when stretching on the mats). Shoes must cover the entire foot, to help prevent injury. No outdoor shoes, boots, dress shoes, bare feet or sandals.

Please use the disinfectant wipes that are provided in locations throughout the Conditioning Room and Program Studios to wipe away excess perspiration as a courtesy to the next member.

Music and television selection in the Conditioning Room and Program Studios are the responsibility of TPASC. If you would like to listen to your own style of music we encourage you to bring a personal listening device.

Cell phones are not permitted in program areas most particularly in change rooms. Cell phones may be used in the Conditioning Room and Program Studios as listening devices only. Picture taking without written consent from both TPASC and anyone who may appear in any picture is a violation of our privacy policy. All offences of this policy will be reported to TPASC management and may result in contacting the proper authorities.

Laptop computers are not permitted in the Conditioning Room and Program Studios as they present both a safety concern and have the ability to take pictures.

Please return all weights and fitness equipment to their proper designated place after use and leave your workout area accessible for the next user.

Please be courteous to others and limit your time at any specific piece of cardiovascular equipment to 30 minutes.

Please do not drop or bang weights. Always train with safety in mind, both your safety and the safety of others. 

Use care with all exercise equipment.

Use control when lifting your free weights by not banging or dropping the weights.

Use safety clips or collars (provided) on all free weight bars at all times.

Use all equipment and machines as they are designed to be used. Modifications of equipment may result in unsafe practices or injury.

Please refrain from using chalk and powder in the Conditioning Room or Program Studio. Powdery surfaces provide for a significant possibility of injury.

As a courtesy to other members, cell phone conversations are not permitted in program areas including the Conditioning Room and Program Studios. Please have your conversations in appropriate areas at reasonable volumes.

Please be prepared to share equipment and space. Be courteous to fellow members.

Please do not remove equipment from any of the program areas.

The Conditioning Room and Program Studios are supervised on a regular basis. We encourage you to consult one of our Fitness Staff regarding your training needs.

TPASC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged belongings.


Children must be at least 10 years old to access the fitness centre and group fitness classes. Those between 10 and 14 years of age must be directly supervised by a parent or guardian 16 years of age or older and are only permitted to use cardio equipment under direct supervision. Those 14 years of age or older can use the facilities on their own.


In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), the Fitness Centre program areas are designed to improve access and opportunities for people with disabilities by identifying, removing and preventing barriers that might interfere with their ability to make full use of our facility.




The primary mandate of the TPASC Fieldhouse is to provide a setting for individuals to play and compete in sport that is safe, enjoyable and free of discrimination.  The TPASC Fieldhouse emphasizes good sportsmanship and safety during play and expects teams and players to be respectful of other individuals, as well as the facility, both on and off the court.  The essence of this mandate is to be upheld by all Fieldhouse users at all times.


Physical or verbal abuse of any form will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the Fieldhouse.  In the case of games, the user may be ejected from the league without refund.

Alcohol is not permitted under any circumstance on any of the TPASC Sport Leagues’ field of play.  Drinking and playing will result in immediate ejection from the league.  TPASC representatives/referees have the right to retain a player from playing when arriving at the field of play intoxicated or when believed to be intoxicated.

If ‘official complaint’ reports* of unsportsmanlike behaviour are received by the League Administrator, the following steps will be taken: 

First report – player or team receives a formal warning.

Second report – player or team receives a second warning verbally and in writing.

Third report – player or team is ejected from the league without refund and will not be welcomed back.

*Incident reports will be made available to Team Captains at the time of registration. 

TPASC reserves the right to suspend and expel users who have acted in a manner that may be deemed dangerous to the facility and/or facility staff.  Teams and players on teams instigating and/or participating in fights/brawls may be immediately suspended and/or expelled from further play with no refund of league fees.


Equipment will be provided to user groups based on the requests outline on the Rental Request Form or as outlined by TPASC Sport Leagues.

Users will treat all TPASC equipment and property with care and respect.  Should TPASC property be damaged, the User may be responsible for costs.

Users will use only the equipment assigned to their group for the dedicated rental time.

Fieldhouse Schedule

The daily schedule of activities is subject to change without notice.  Users are welcome to participate in drop-in activities when available.

Drop-in Programs

Drop-in programs may be offered when possible.  Space and equipment will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis and may have an associated drop-in fee to play.  Users of drop-in structured activities must recognize that they are sharing the space with others and shall not claim exclusive use.

Food & Beverage

No food or beverages are allowed in the Fieldhouse.  Users may keep a bottle of water to the side.

Lost & Found

TPASC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.  Users are encouraged to use lockers to secure their personal belongings or leave items at home.

Health & Safety

Users will follow the directions of TPASC staff in case of emergencies.  First Aid will be administered as needed by TPASC Staff.


All waivers and forms must be filled out prior to using the facility.


All fees must be received by TPASC prior to using the facility.

Cameras and Cell Phones

Photographing users without their consent is prohibited.

Dress Code

Users must wear shirts and athletic bottoms at all times.

Athletic running shoes are to be worn at all times (no street shoes, heels, boots, sandals, or other open toed shoes).

Long hair must be tied back and out of the face.

Jewellery must be removed or taped down.


In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), all Fieldhouse program areas are designed to improve access and opportunities for people with disabilities by identifying, removing and preventing barriers that might interfere with their ability to make full use of our facility. All TPASC staff will be required to fulfill AODA training on a quarterly basis.

Rental Procedures

Users wishing to rent Fieldhouse space who did not submit requests during the call for submission period, will only be scheduled within the remaining available space.

The Fieldhouse offers a wide range of possibilities and various configurations to accommodate any rental request based on availability.  

The Fieldhouse’s ability to accommodate a rental request will vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to: Total rental time requested; Desired dates; Number of participants and spectators; level of play (high performance or community), etc. 

Rental agreements contain a set of operating policies and procedures that pertain to all rentals. 


Admittance Policy


Admission Requirement


Child : Caregiver


5 Years and Under


Always accompanied by a parent(s), guardian(s) or caregiver minimum 14 years of age*



Pink Wrist Band


6 years old

Always accompanied by a parent(s), guardian(s) or caregiver minimum 14 years of age*


Orange Wrist Band


Child may obtain a GREEN wristband (in addition to orange) to access deep end. To obtain GREEN wristband child must complete the facility swim test.
Child must still be accompanied* at all times


7 to 9 Years

Children may challenge the facility swim test and if successful, can swim on their own. Otherwise, always accompanied by a parent(s), guardian(s) or caregiver minimum 14 years of age*


Orange or Green Wrist Band


If child passes swim test, the ORANGE wristband is removed and replaced with a GREEN wristband, allowing the child to be outside of arm’s reach. The parent, guardian or caregiver must still be on deck


10 Years and Above

Patrons may swim alone



Patrons may be asked by a lifeguard to perform a swim test and/or stay in the shallow end if they appear to be a non and/or weak simmer


*Accompanied: Must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or designate (caregiver) who is at least 14 years of age and is responsible for their direct supervision. Caregiver must be in bathing attire and within arm's reach of the child(ren) at all times, both in and out of the water.
Facility Swim Test: To successfully pass the facility swim test individuals must demonstrate comfort in water and be able to swim a minimum of 50m continuously in shallow water on their front and tread water for 30 seconds.
Serious Medical Conditions: Those with serious medical conditions should be accompanied by an individual knowledgeable of their condition and responsible for their direct supervision.
Shower before swimming: Ontario Health Regulation 565 requires each bather to take a shower using warm water and soap, and thoroughly rinse off all soap before entering and re-entering the deck. 

Shoes on deck

Street shoes are not to be worn in the deck area.

Food and Drink

Food and drink other than water are not permitted on the pool deck and in the water. Glass containers and alcoholic beverages are also not permitted.


Please be aware that the use of electronic and photographic devices including but not limited to cellular phones, tablets and personal digital assistants is prohibited on the pool deck, in the change room and washroom areas.

Swimming Attire

All patrons should wear bathing suits for swimming. Patrons may wear clean, covering garments that do not interfere with their safety in the water. Clothing such as cut-offs, attire with exposed metal, and underwear is not permitted as swimwear. Street clothes are not allowed.

For children who are not toilet-trained, we recommend wearing specially designed swim diapers or pants. Regular disposable diapers are not permitted.

Personal Belongings

The Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal property. It is encouraged to leave all valuable items at home. Otherwise, all personal items should be secured in the lockers. 

Inappropriate Behaviour

Socializing with or distracting pool staff, including lifeguards, is prohibited.

No person within the pool area shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and health of himself/herself and others. Such behavior, including abusive or profane language, shall be grounds for removal.

Loitering will not be permitted on the pool grounds or within any of its facilities.

Running, boisterous or rough play, pushing, acrobatics, dunking, wrestling, offensive or disruptive splashing or yelling, diving or jumping without care and caution, snapping of towels, improper conduct causing undue disturbances on or about the pool area or any acts which would endanger any patron are prohibited.

Spitting, spouting water, blowing nose, urinating or defecating in the pool is prohibited.

No prolonged underwater swimming for time and/or distance. Competitive or repetitive breath holding can be deadly and is not permitted. Hyperventilation is absolutely not permitted.

Gum chewing is not permitted anywhere in the pool area for health and safety reasons


In the event of a pool fouling, Users will be notified of the length of the pool closure. Notice will be placed on the TPASC website and social media outlets. 

Top tips to avoid pool foulings will be posted on deck. Please follow procedures. Multiple foulings by the same User may result in suspended use of the pools.