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Updated February 2023

Building Rules and Regulations

Building Rules and Regulations (Policies)


Welcome to the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC) and thank you for choosing us. Our vision is to be recognized for providing world-class experiences in sport and recreation, for all, for life. We believe that everyone has the right to work, to compete, to train, to learn and to play in a safe and inclusive environment that is free of abuse, harassment, or discrimination. The welfare of everyone is a shared responsibility that must be the foremost consideration of all. Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre will not tolerate violence or threats of violence including, but not limited to any of the following: any act of physical assault, verbal assault, threats, attempts to intimidate, throwing of items not intended for throwing in an aggressive manner, aggressively approaching another individual, striking another individual, attempting to goad or incite violence in others. Those demonstrating inappropriate behaviour, language or participating in any form of demonstration is prohibited, including wearing items or clothing with visible political or negative messages will be declined entry or be asked to leave and may result in the cancellation of access and/or may be banned from the facility.Please review the following information carefully to assist in your experience of the facility.


a. Public Safety

  • Safety of users in the facility is of paramount importance to TPASC.
  • Major violations of safety standards and procedures may result in immediate dismissal. 


a. The user understands and is aware that the activities involved many inherent risks, and loss, and property damage. Activities involving such risks may include, without limitation, those associated with climbing; participating in activities in and around the pools; participating in sports; and/or any other use of the Facility. 

b. The user understands and acknowledges that such risks and dangers may be caused by: the user’s own actions or inactions; the actions or inactions of others who are also participating in the activities; the condition of the facility; the proximity of medical care which may or may not be readily available; the user’s failure to act safely or within the user’s own ability or to stay within designated areas; and/or the negligence of TPASC, its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers, independent contractors, subcontractors, sponsors, successors, representatives and assigns (collectively, the “Releasees”), including a failure to safeguard or protect the user from the risks, dangers and hazards of the activities.

c. The user acknowledges, represents, and certifies that the user is in good health and physically and mentally capable of performing the activities in which the user chooses to participate. The user acknowledges that it is encouraged to consult with a healthcare provider before participating in any physical activity. 

d. The user is aware of the risks, dangers, and hazards associated with the activities and the user freely accepts and fully assumes all such risks, dangers and hazards and the possibility of personal injury, illness, death, property damage and loss resulting therefrom, whether caused by negligence of TPASC or otherwise. 


a. Facility Hours

  • Monday – Sunday: 5:00am – 12:00am

b. Statutory Holidays/Modified Hours 

TPASC is open 365 days a year with a modified schedule on the following dates:

  • New Year’s Day 
  • Family Day               
  • Good Friday 
  • Victoria Day 
  • Canada Day
  • Civic Holiday
  • Labour Day                        
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve          
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Year's Eve 


a. Parking is available onsite with lots to the north and east of the facility. Electric car charging stations are located in the north lot only.

b. There are a few parking spaces on the east side of the building that are intended for very brief parking (I.e., to drop off a child for a program) and these spots are signs as 10-minute parking only. Staying longer may result in a parking ticket.

c. Accessible parking is available in both the north and east lots and these spots are designated for persons with a disability who have an accessible parking permit. Failure to display an accessible parking permit can result in a parking ticket.

d. The north lot has designated “carpool” parking spaces. These spaces are intended for people who carpool to work. Parking in these spaces as an individual arriving alone to the building may be treated as any other building policy breach. 

e. Under no circumstances may cars park in places signed as the fire route. Cars will be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense.

f. Pan Am Drive is a private roadway with bicycle lanes. Unauthorized parking at the sides of the road is prohibited and may result in a parking ticket.

g. Daily parking rates are posted on the website with parking under two hours complimentary.

h. Monthly parking passes can be purchased with a TPASC membership. Monthly parking is not available for University of Toronto students, staff, or faculty. 

i. Unauthorized overnight parking is not permitted.

j. All costs incurred for parking tickets, vehicle towing or impounding related to the vehicle while using that parking pass are solely the responsibility of the driver.

k. If you make a driving mistake in the parking lots with your car and property is damaged (signs, parking infrastructure equipment, posts, bollards, or other people’s cars), please report it to customer service.


a. The main lobby, Level 2 corridors, food court, and retail stores are open to the public and do not require identification for entry. Ticketed and non-ticketed spectator events also may not require identification.

b. Program areas are accessed through the turnstiles located beside the Customer Service desk in the south lobby. To enter past the turnstiles, participants must have a valid membership card, University of Toronto student card, City of Toronto key tag, or TPASC Walking Track key tag, or drop in wristband to enter the turnstiles. Users may also use the TPASC fitness app to gain entry. Users may not use a photo of their membership cards to gain entry. To register for access, participants require government ID. No entry through the turnstiles will be allowed without valid ID. 

c. All users under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a caregiver. If the child is attending a registered program, the caregiver must accompany the child to that program area and sign in with the instructor. The caregiver must remain in the facility for the duration of the program. 

d. For specific admittance policies and age requirements, please see operation procedures for each program area.


a.  Opening 

  • Doors open 15 minutes prior to facility opening.
  • Program areas commence operation as listed on schedule.

b.  Closing 

  • Entry doors to the facility lock 15 minutes before the scheduled close of the facility.
  • All activity areas close 30 minutes prior to the facility closing time.
  • All areas of the facility, including locker rooms must be vacated by closing time.


a. TPASC is committed to protecting the personal information of all users by following best practices.

b. The collection of personal information will be gathered to better serve our clientele and to also ensure the safety of all TPASC users.

c.  Information gathering is related to registration and payment, program delivery, and to fulfill regulatory obligations. 

d. TPASC does not give out any personal information that is collected from any users without any knowledge or consent unless required by a government body or agency, or as permitted by law.

e. TPASC does not sell any personal information collected from users.

f. Upon registration for any program or membership, users agree that if the foregoing commitment is breached, despite the following of the best practices by TPASC, there will be no claim or right to any damages or reimbursement on the account of any loss, damage, or expense whatsoever.

g. Confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements are required from staff that have access to any databases from UTSC, City of Toronto, or TPASC.

h. Adherence to UTSC and City of Toronto privacy policies apply to the sharing of information.

i. Please also visit our website and app terms of use and privacy policy.


a. TPASC has 24-hour security on the premises. 

b. All program areas, the main lobby, corridors, restaurants, entries and exits, as well as TPASC’s exterior property, are subject to 24-hour video surveillance.

c. CCTV video footage is the property of TPASC, and the contents are used for safety and security as well as investigations. Video footage is confidential and shall not be disclosed to any external parties except to appropriate authorities at their request. Patrons of the facility are prohibited from access to reviewing any footage that includes other patrons. 


a. Cell Phones

  • The use of cell phones, and/or camera enabled devices are prohibited in all change rooms and washrooms. 

b. Photography/Video/Voice Recordings 

  • Recording others or the facility
    • All users must obtain permission from TPASC prior to capturing any images, recordings, or video within the facility with the exception of during spectator events. Any images taken or posted for business or selling purposes are prohibited.
  • Recording self or own child
    • Users may record themselves or their children in the facility provided that it is for their personal use. Sharing user generated content taken at TPASC on their personal social media channels is permitted. Please do not post images you do not have permission to post, including photos of other individuals or children without the permission of their parent or guardian. Any images taken or posted for business or selling purposes are prohibited. 

c. Promotional Material 

  • All communications or promotional material that is to be visible to the public must be approved through TPASC management. 


a. Appropriate staff are equipped with First Aid Kits and AEDs are located throughout the facility.

b. TPASC has two first aid treatment rooms. One located on level 2 across from the Fitness Area and one beside the Lifeguard office in the Training Pool area to be accessed by appropriate staff. 


a. In the case of any accident or injury in the facility, a TPASC staff member must be notified. In cases involving University of Toronto students, TPASC security will notify UTSC campus police.

b. Injury/Incident reports are required if medical or first aid attention is required or if loss or damage to property occurs. TPASC staff members are required to complete injury/incident reports. These reports are the property of TPASC and used for internal purposes only. They are treated as confidential with all statutory protections in place for personal information. 


a. TPASC Staff will lead emergency procedures which may be accompanied with public address system announcements guiding users to safety.

b. In all cases, members are to follow instructions by the program area and building staff and not return to change rooms to collect their personal belongings if directed to evacuate.


a. Emergency Closures

  • Participants must stop participation within any program area during a power outage or facility emergency, if necessary. Instructions will be given on how to evacuate program areas by TPASC staff who will direct members to safe areas. 

b. Closure for Weather/Delayed Opening/Early Closure

  • In the event that the facility is closed, cannot open on time, or must close early, notice will be placed on the TPASC website and social media channels. 

c.  Closures for Special Events

  • At various times, TPASC may be hosting special events. As a result of these events normal programming may be impacted. Scheduled closures will be posted on the TPASC website, and social media channels. 
  • Scheduled program impacts will be posted on the TPASC website, and social media channels. Areas of the facility may be closed or restricted due to scheduled maintenance or unforeseen circumstances. Users will be notified of any planned closures in a timely manner, whenever possible.  


a. TPASC is a shared environment that requires interactions to be carried out with respect and consideration for others. TPASC reserves the right to suspend or cancel access for inappropriate behaviour or failure to comply with membership and building policies.  Individual program areas will have their own rules and regulations set out for members and users. Please see appropriate sections for individual program area rules and regulations.

b. City of Toronto has a code of conduct, suspension, ban, and anti-bullying polices which governs the participation of users in the TPASC facility.

c. UTSC department of athletics and recreation has a fair play policy that UTSC students are expected to adhere to when in the TPASC facility. 


a. TPASC reserves the right to suspend or cancel a user’s membership or program access in its sole discretion for any inappropriate behavior or failure to comply with the etiquette standards set out by TPASC. 

b. UTSC students are subject to all UTSC policies. University policies and procedures will also apply to students. 

c. If any user, at any time, becomes a risk to him/herself or to any others using TPASC programs, facilities, or equipment, he/she may be removed from the program or facility without any refund.


a. Individuals are welcome to use the washroom that aligns with their gender identity, regardless of their sex assigned at birth.

  • Individuals who need or desire increased privacy can be provided with a reasonable alternative changing area such as the use of a private area or single-stall restroom, or the Universal Changeroom

b. Any alternative arrangements requested by transgender and nonbinary individuals will be provided in a manner that maintains the confidentiality of their transgender and/or nonbinary status.

c. Children 7 years of age or older are encouraged to use the changeroom designated for their gender identity or the Universal Changeroom. 


a. Toronto Pan Am Sport Centre is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.

b. Lockers are to be used for the purpose of storing your clothes and belongings only.

c. Lockers are for day-use only. Monthly lockers can be rented at the customer service desk.

d. No photo/video/recording devices or cell phone usage in any change room/locker room.

e. Caution: Wet floors in the locker room may be slippery- please watch your step.

f.  Please report the presence of inappropriate behaviour in the locker room to staff at the sport and recreation desk immediately. 

g. All lockers are the property of TPASC. A fee will be assessed for locker damage caused by negligence or abuse.

h. Lockers should be left clean and empty after use and any garbage or refuse should be disposed of in the garbage receptacles that are provided so that lockers are ready for the next person’s use.

i. Swimsuit spinners are provided in change rooms to assist with drying out bathing suits. They are only for swimsuits and not for towels or laundry. This will cause the spinner to break and then be unavailable until repair or replacement.


a. TPASC recommends locking up all personal items during each visit. TPASC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or unattended personal belongings.

b. Lockers are available for rent on a monthly or annual basis. 

c. A quality locks is recommended for use, if intended to secure valuables, rather than a poor-quality lock (like a luggage lock).

d. Locks can be provided for a rental fee. 


a. Available at no cost to any user and personal locks. 

b. Personal locks can be used on the day-use lockers. 

c. All personal belongings must be cleared out of the lockers at the time of closing each day. Any locks remaining at the end of the day, are subject to being cut off at the owner’s expense. All items will be removed and placed at Lost and Found. 


a. Any found items will be turned into one of our two lost and founds. 

  • Level 2 – Customer service desk
  • Level 1 – Sports and Recreation desk 

b. Any small, returned items or items that may have significant value (i.e., cell phones, wallets, etc.) will be stored in locked area at the customer services desk. 

c. Unclaimed clothing, towels, or personal items will be donated or discarded after one week. Due to hygienic and safety controls socks, underwear and bathing suits are disposed of immediately.

d.    Lost membership cards will be returned to the customer service desk.


a. Service animals are permitted in the facility- non-service animals are not allowed in the facility. 

b. Service animals include any animal with a job to do for a person with a disability.  These include any service dog, guide dog, or other animals that have been individually trained to provide assistance to any person with a disability (e.g., an animal trained to alert an individual to an oncoming seizure and take them to safety). 


a. Smoking of any kind, electronic/vapour are prohibited inside TPASC or on TPASC property. Smoking must be 20m away from the property line as per Ontario legislation. 


a. The facility of TPASC is a licensed facility. No alcohol shall be brought in from outside sources or consumed in locker/change rooms.

b. TPASC restaurants are located in the main lobby area and accessible to all community residents and TPASC Users without accessing programs or paying for any services. 

c. TPASC retains exclusive Food and Beverage and catering rights for the facility. 

d. No outside food is to be consumed in the Food & Beverage area. 


a. HP athletes 

  • All HP users will provide a copy of their organization’s insurance coverage/policy

b. Community groups

  • All community groups (i.e., those renting training time in the facility) will provide a copy of their organization’s insurance coverage/policy.

c. TPASC members

  • Assumption of Risk and Limitation of Liability sections of membership agreement outline and release TPASC from any risk or financial obligation in case of medical or emergency situations.  


a. Towel Service

  • To receive a towel, you must have towel service on your account which is a service available at an additional cost. Users must scan their card each time for a towel at the Sport & Rec Desk.

b. Equipment Rentals

  • All rented or loaned items are tracked. 
  • All loaned items will carry a charge and must be returned upon completion of use. Outstanding items will be billed to user account. 


a. To make a facility booking at TPASC prospective renters first must complete a Rental Request Form. TPASC staff will review the rental request and provide the availability of the requested facility.

b. Please contact the appropriate staff to request a form or visit our website for your area of interest.


a.  Comment cards will be available throughout the facility. Cards will be collected daily. 

b.  Appointments can also be made with program managers to discuss issues of customer service and general feedback. 

c.  For matters of immediate health and safety, security staff are present during all hours of operation. 


a. The Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre is committed to creating a welcoming space of inclusion for people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, and identities to pursue their passion for sport and recreation. We believe that everyone has the right to work, to compete, to train, and to play in a safe and inclusive environment that is free of abuse, harassment or discrimination. The welfare of everyone is a shared responsibility that must be the foremost consideration of all.



The primary mandate of TPASC Aquatic’s is to provide a setting for individuals to have a safe, enjoyable, and free of discrimination experience while accessing various aquatic programs bring offered. The Aquatics department is a shared spaced that transitions based on the needs of each individual program. Aquatics emphasizes enforcement of all Ontario Health Regulations keeping our pools clean, safe and inviting for all. This mandate is to be upheld by all staff, patrons, and partners of the facility Aquatics department at all times.


Check-in Policy

Upon arrival all patrons participating in any aquatic program (e.g. Lane Swim, Swimming Lessons, Rentals etc.)  must check-in at the Public Relations desk where an Aquatic staff member will assist.

  • Lane Swim – All patrons must present their lane swim card for proof of payment for the program.
  • Leisure Swim – All patrons must have their coloured wrist bands securely on and visible for the Aquatic Staff to reference.
  • Aquafit – All aquafit participants must register for the program in advance in accordance with Fitness Centre Group fitness policy
  • Rentals – All rentals must check-in with the Deck Supervisor to confirm their lane locations – athletes must have a coach present to access the field of play.

Patron Bathing Attire / Dress Code

In order to accommodate all visitors and maintain safe programs, the term “proper bathing attire” must be defined. At TPASC, traditional swim wear is preferred where possible; however the following criteria will be used when determining the appropriateness of attire for swimming:

  • Clothing is clean and brought to the pool for the sole purpose of swimming (one cannot wear their street clothes into the pool).
  •  The clothing must permit the individual to participate safely in the program. Every effort must be made to eliminate risk of strangulation or being weighed down to the point of incapacitation.
  • Aquatic staff are directed to be accommodating of the needs of all patrons.
  • Swimmers, who are not toilet trained, must wear suitable disposable swim pants or re-useable pool pant

Prohibited Items

The following items are not permitted on the pool deck, patrons will be asked to leave these items in a locker or on the provided shoe racks in the hallway.

  • Outdoor street shoes/ boots
  • Outdoor coats/ jackets
  • Strollers & Wagons
  • Bikes
  • Glass of any kind (water bottles, containers etc.)
  • Food & Drink (including gum) *with the exception of water in an appropriate container 
  • Drones, Go Pros/ Underwater Cameras 
  • Regular Diapers *waterproof diapers are available for purchase and must be used to enter the water.
  • Weighted belts/ ankle weights
  • Monofins, Freediving/Scuba diving fins
  • Mermaid Tails
  • Noodles

Enter/Exit Points

Patrons must use the designated entrances/ exits. It is not permitted to use emergency exits or prop open doors leading to the pool deck.


Admittance Policy

The admittance policy addresses age and swimming ability to determine whether individuals may be admitted to the aquatic facility and whether they require accompaniment.

  • Children 9 years of age or younger must be accompanied by parent, guardian or designate who is at least 14 years of age and is responsible for their direct supervision
  • Children 10 years of age or older may enter the pool unaccompanied

Caregiver Supervision Requirements

The Caregiver Supervision policy complements the admittance policy, the requirements for the supervision ratio, the supervision proximity and the access to designated pool areas (i.e. deep end).

Non-Swimmers must be directly supervised by their caregiver who must remain within arms’ reach and able to render immediate assistance. Non swimmers and those who have not passed the swim test must remain in shallow water.

Age Admission Supervision Ratio (Child:Caregiver) Wristband Colour Notes
0-5 years old Always accompanied 2:1 PINK May attempt facility swim test to obtain green wristband. If successful, guardian must remain within arm’s reach at all times.
6 years old Always accompanied 4:1 ORANGE Children who are 6 years old must remain with their guardian, regardless of if they are successful with the facility swim test or not.
7-9 years old Always accompanied, unless successful with the facility swim test 4:1 ORANGE May attempt facility swim test to obtain green wristband. If successful, child does not need to remain within arms reach, however, supervising guardian must remain in the facility.
10 years old+ Unaccompanied N/A YELLOW Must still complete facility swim test in order to swim in deep water.

Facility Swim Test

All patrons that are 13 years or younger that would like to swim in lane swim or leisure swim unaccompanied must complete a facility swim test in order to participate. Aquatic staff have the sole discretion to ask anyone to complete a facility swim test if they are concerned from a safety standpoint of an individual’s capability to participate in a program.

To successfully pass the facility swim test individuals must:

  • Demonstrate comfort in the water
  • Swim a minimum of 50m continuously in shallow water
  • Distance must be completed on their front
  • Tread water for 30 Seconds in deep water

Swim test – Must See’s:

  • Complete the entire distance (50m)
  • Swim continuously
  • Show ability to take breaths
  • Only touch and push off the wall at the end of the width – may not stop or touch the bottom

A participant can be limited to the number of attempts of the swim test, based on the discretion of TPASC staff evaluating.
Successful swim tests will be recorded and kept on file for the session, participants may be asked to re-do the swim test when the records are refreshed.

Wristband Policy – wristbands are distributed at the customer service desk on Level 2

To assist in ensuring that a safe environment is maintained in all of our pools, TPASC has implemented a three-colour wristband procedure. This system allows staff to ensure that children at risk are identified and that all children are supervised adequately when in the facility. Children 9 years of age and under will be given an identifying wristband by staff upon entry to the facility. Wristbands are also given are the successful completion of a facility swim test. Additional wristbands are available for day passes, some drop-in programs etc.

Showering before Swimming

Patrons are encouraged to shower before entering the water. Showers are available in the Aquatic’s Changerooms & Universal Changeroom. 

Serious Medical Conditions

Those with serious medical conditions should be accompanied by an individual knowledgeable of their condition and responsible for their direct supervision. Patrons are encouraged to connect with the Deck Supervisor working if there are any concerns regarding participating in a program.


Prohibited Patron Behaviour

  • Socializing with or distracting pool staff, including lifeguards, is prohibited.
  • No person within the pool area shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and health of himself/herself and others. Such behavior, including abusive or profane language, may be asked to leave. 
  • Running, boisterous or rough play, pushing, acrobatics, dunking, wrestling, offensive or disruptive splashing or yelling, diving or jumping without care and caution, snapping of towels, improper conduct causing undue disturbances on or about the pool area or any acts which would endanger any patron are prohibited.
  • An individual putting another individual on their shoulders is prohibited.
  • Spitting, spouting water, blowing nose, urinating or defecating in the pool is prohibited.
  • No prolonged underwater swimming for time and/or distance. Competitive or repetitive breath holding can be deadly and is not permitted.
  • No coaching during lane and leisure swim. All spectators must view from the designated viewing areas to ensure their safety at all times.
  • No private or group swimming lessons during lane and leisure swim.
  • The City of Toronto offers swimming lessons. No activity for private gain is permitted at any time
  • Monopolizing lanes for personal gain will not be tolerated, all patrons must be welcoming and accepting of all swimmers in the program.


  • All minor rule infractions warrant a verbal warning along with a brief explanation of why the rule is enforced.
  • If a swimmer repeatedly breaks rules or regulations, making it absolutely necessary for discipline purposes to send the individual home for a period of time, TPASC staff will document the incident on an Incident Report Form.
  • Should there be any instances where longer suspensions the incident will be escalated for a decision on the appropriate course of action.
  • Please refer back to the Building Policies for the Suspension/ Ban policy for further details.

Lane Selection & Sharing Lane Space

Lane Selection is based on the following items when coming to participate in Lane Swim. During Lane Swim there will be speed signs posted at the end of each lane as well as a directional sign to follow. It is the responsibility of each patron to enter the lane speed most appropriate to their ability at the time they are swimming.

  • Circle Swimming – All patrons are to swim in a circle (as indicated at the end of each lane) to ensure multiple swimmers can safely swim in a single lane. Circle swimming maintains a welcoming environment for all. 
  • Directional Signs – our directional signs have arrows which indicate the direction of circle swimming that must be followed by all participants.
  • Speed Signs – Signs include Fast, Medium Fast, Medium, Slow. Patrons are encouraged to choose a lane based on their comfort in the water and speed that they swim. Typically, Slow/Medium lanes will be situated closer to the wall, while medium fast/fast lanes will be situated in the middle of the pool.
    • The location of speed signs will change based on the number of available lanes.

A Place for Everyone

  • Swimmers of all different abilities will utilize our pools on a daily basis, it is important to recognize not all swimmers are the same speed or have the comfort level as others.
  • Patrons are asked to communicate and be compassionate with one another while sharing space.
  • Patrons are to notify the TPASC lifeguards if there are immediate safety concerns.


  • Spectators must remain on the on-deck bleachers or in the gallery located on level 2.
  • Spectators cannot pass the blue dotted line while wearing street clothing.
  • All outdoor attire (coats, boots, shoes etc.) must be removed before entering the pool deck area.


Women’s Only Swims

  • Women’s only swim times are offered where the Training Pool area is exclusively used. All windows are covered by curtains for the duration of the swim.  
  • Children of the opposite sex under the age of 6 may participate with women’s only swim times, children must be accompanied by a guardian and swim ratios remain in effect.

Leisure Swim 

  • Patrons must stay within the designated space allocated to leisure swim
  • When going from Shallow water to Mid Depth water, patrons must exit the water and enter from the walls
    • Swimming under lane ropes between depths is not permitted.
  • TPASC staff reserve the right to prohibit equipment brought into leisure swim including but not limited to: inflatable floating devices, noodles, water guns, balls, diving toys, etc.

Lane Swim Equipment 

  • Lane swim patrons are not permitted to use the diving blocks
  • Patrons are not permitted to wear lifejackets during lane swimming in deep water – if a lifejacket is required, please connect with the TPASC staff to find out times where shallow water is available or alternatively for leisure swim times.
  • Flutter boards, pull buoys & water belts are available for use – equipment must be returned after use
  • Prohibited Equipment: weighted belts/ ankle weights, monofins, Freediving/Scuba diving fins, mermaid tails.

Aquafit Equipment

  • Water belts are available, first-come, first-serve
  • Deep water & Shallow Water Aquafit offered – patrons are encouraged to evaluate their comfort in the water before attending deep water classes.
  • Additional equipment will be provided at the discretion of the Aquafit Instructor (e.g. water dumbbells, noodles, etc.)  

Field House/Climbing Wall/Track


The primary mandate of the TPASC Fieldhouse is to provide a setting for individuals to play and compete in sport that is safe, enjoyable and free of discrimination.  The TPASC Fieldhouse emphasizes good sportsmanship and safety during play and expect teams, coaches, parents and players to be respectful of other individuals, as well as the facility, both on and off the court. The essence of this mandate is to be upheld by all Fieldhouse patrons and staff, at all times. 



Physical or verbal abuse of any form will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the Fieldhouse. The user may be ejected from any program without refund. 
TPASC reserves the right to suspend and expel users who have acted in a manner that may be deemed dangerous to the facility users and/or facility staff.  Any patrons, including teams, coaches, parents, and players instigating and/or participating in physical altercations will be immediately suspended and/or expelled from further play with no refund of programming fees. 


Registration For Programs

All participants should pre-register for All-Access Drop-in programs. Hybrid access, pre-registration and drop-in, may be in place for certain Drop-in programs. If you are not registered and the program is at capacity, you should not be in the Field House for that particular program. Any costs associated with a program must be paid at the time of registration or at the Customer Service desk on Level 2, prior to participation. 

Drop-In Programs/Wrist Band Policy

Drop-in Programs

  • Drop-in programs are offered subject to court availability. 
  • Space and equipment will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis and may have an associated drop-in fee to play. 
  • Patrons attending drop-in programs must recognize that they are sharing the space with others and shall not claim exclusive use. 
  • The daily schedule of activities may be subject to change without notice. 
  • Patrons accessing City of Toronto and UTSC drop-in programs must refer to City and University policies and procedures. 


  • Wristbands are required for access to All-Access drop-ins will be checked prior to entering the Filed House 
  • Wristbands can be obtained at the Customer Service desk on Level 2. 
  • Patrons are required to keep their wristband on, intact and visible for the duration of the program. 


  • Equipment will be provided to user groups at the Sport and Recreation Desk on Level 1. 
  • A photo ID will be required to rent any equipment. 
  • Users will treat all TPASC equipment and property with care and respect.  
  • Should TPASC property be damaged, the User may be responsible for costs. Users will use only the equipment assigned to their group for the dedicated rental time. 

Rental Contract Agreements 

The Field House offers a wide range of possibilities and various configurations to accommodate rental requests, based on availability. A signed Rental contract will be required for all rentals inside the Field House, Climbing Wall or Track. A Rental Contract Agreement has set policies and procedures for each rental based on the requirements of each rental. Payment, time of usage, and all specific needs for that rental are clearly stated in all Rental Contract Agreements. 


Sport and Recreation Desk 

The Sport and Recreation Desk is staffed and located on Level 1. Information related to programming is available at the desk on a daily basis. 

  • Lock Rentals 
    • If you are renting a towel or a lock for the day, you will need to pay the fee at the Customer Service Desk on Level 2 and bring the receipt to the Sport and Recreation Desk, along with a piece of ID. 
  • Monthly Towel Service
    • Members can receive their monthly rental towel service at the Sport and Recreation Desk on Level 1. A maximum of 2 towels will be given out at any one time, for a towel rental service. 
    • For patrons needing a towel between 5am-8am towels are available at the Customer Service Desk on Level 2
  • Lost & Found 
    • Lost and Found items are located at the Sport and Recreation Desk, all items will be kept for a maximum of 2 weeks. For lost valuables (e.g. cellphone, wallet, etc.) those items may be retrieved at the Customer Service Desk on Level 2.   


The Field House entrances are located on Level 1, at the 1st and 3rd set of doors on the left side, down the north hallway. There are 4 separate courts used for programming. The Field House has many different sports programs, including high level sporting events throughout the year. 
No food or beverage is allowed inside the courts of play, only when allowed in the seating areas.   

  • Athlete/ Patron Dress Code: 
    • All athletes/patrons must wear a shirt, athletic bottoms, and indoor running shoes.
    • Dark sole shoes are prohibited. 
    • Jewelry should be removed or taped down for safety reasons.
  • Changing 
    • Changing within the field of play is not permitted, athletes/patrons are asked to use the change rooms available.
  • Food & Drink 
    • Food & Drink is prohibited inside the courts- water in an appropriate container is allowed on-court
    • Spectators, patrons, & athletes are permitted to eat in the stands- please use waste receptacles placed in the field exit for all garbage. 
  • Sharing Space 
    • When using the Fieldhouse, please be always respectful of other groups in the other areas of the courts.   

Climbing Wall

The entrance to the Climbing Wall is located on Level 1 across from the Sport and Recreation desk. Climbers are expected to arrive on time for bookings and will not be compensated for late arrival. Waivers for new climbers must be completed before entering the climbing area, including for all rentals. Proof of payment must be presented upon entry to the climbing wall space. 

  • Learn to Climb 
    • sessions are held at specific time slots during the weekday drop-in hours and must be booked in advance through the online booking portal. 
  • UTSC Students
    • new climbers must take a Learn-to-Climb lesson or pass a tie-in/belay test before being allowed to climb.  


The entrance to the Track area is on Level 2, immediately to the right inside the turnstiles. During special events or for specific classes, the Track area maybe closed to other patrons. Signage will be posted during these times. 

  • Patron Dress Code
    • No jackets, outdoor shoes, or boots are allowed inside the Track area.
  • Direction
    • Patrons are asked to follow the signage posted for the direction the track is moving each day. 
  • Community Walking Times
    • Patrons are welcome to walk the track during the designated walking track hours posted. 
  • Sharing Space
    • Please be respectful of all users moving around the Track and use the appropriate lanes for walking and running.   

Fitness Centre & Studios


The primary mandate of the TPASC Fitness Centre is to provide an inclusive environment for all to workout in a safe and enjoyable manner, free of discrimination and harassment. 


Check-in Policy 

  • Fitness Centre 
    • When entering the fitness centre all patrons must enter through Level 1 and scan their membership/student card at the welcome desk. Patrons needing accommodations can speak with staff at the Customer Service Desk located on Level 2.
    • Day passes may be purchased at the Customer Service Desk on level 2, patrons will be supplied a wristband that will need to be presented to the fitness centre staff at the welcome desk. 
  • Group Fitness Classes 
    • Registration is mandatory to attend group fitness classes. If spots remain at the start of the class, patrons may drop in on a first come, first serve basis. 
    • When entering the Group Fitness classes all patrons must be able to provide their membership/student card or wristband.
  • Minimum Age Requirement/ Supervision Requirements 
    • Children must be at least 10 years old to access the Fitness Centre. 
    • Those between 10 and 14 years of age must be directly supervised by a parent or guardian 16 years of age or older and are only permitted to use cardio equipment under direct supervision. 
    • Those 14 years of age or older can use the facilities on their own and attend group fitness classes. 
  • Accessibility
    • In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), the Fitness Centre and Studios are designed to improve access and opportunities for people with disabilities by identifying, removing and preventing barriers that might interfere with their ability to make full use of our facility. 

Patron Fitness centre Attire / Dress Code 

  • Proper gym attire is to be always worn throughout the Fitness Centre and studios. 
  • Clothing should be clean and should not be ripped. 
  • Jeans or street wear are not allowed.   
  • Athletic indoor footwear is to be worn at all times (with the option of removing shoes when stretching on the mats). 
    • Shoes must cover the entire foot, to help prevent injury. 
    • Outdoor shoes, crocs, boots, dress shoes, bare feet or sandals are prohibited. 

Prohibited Items/Behaviours 

  • Misuse of fitness equipment
  • Photography/Video/Voice Recordings of others without their permission                                                                            
  • Outdoor street shoes/ boots /Crocs / sandals / flipflops 
  • Outdoor coats/ jackets 
  • Bags, knapsacks etc. 
  • Sports equipment (including but not limited to basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, etc.)
  • Laptops
  • Glass of any kind (water bottles, containers etc.) 
  • Food
  • Powdered chalk
  • Sparring 
  • Using personal speaker systems or loud timers
  • Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted to use any weight equipment.
  • Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted to be unsupervised at any time in the fitness centre.
  • Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted to attend group fitness classes.

Enter/Exit Points 

Every patron must use the designated entrances/ exits. It is prohibited for patrons to prop open doors. Emergency exits are to be used only in an emergency and are not prohibited for regular use. 


  • All patrons are to follow the dress code and be mindful of other patrons utilizing the fitness centre. 
  • Please return all weights and fitness equipment to their proper designated place after use and leave your workout area accessible for the next user. 
  • Use care with all exercise equipment. 
  • Please do not drop or bang weights. Always train with safety in mind, both your safety and the safety of others.  
  • Use control when lifting your free weights by not banging or dropping the weights. 
  • Always use safety clips or collars (provided) appropriately on all free weight bars and cable machines- do not switch clips or attachments between machines. 
  • Please do not remove equipment from any of the program areas or designated program spaces. 
  • Patrons are to refrain from prolonged used of equipment while others are waiting. 
  • Please use the disinfectant wipes that are provided in locations throughout the Fitness Centre and studios to wipe away excess perspiration as a courtesy to the next member. 
  • Small pieces of fitness equipment (ex. Mini bands, massage balls, ankle cable attachments) may be brought into the fitness centre for personal use. 
    • TPASC reserves the right to deny personal equipment into the fitness centre that poses a potential risk to our equipment or the safety of patrons. 
  • The Fitness Centre and studios are supervised on a regular basis. We encourage you to consult one of our Fitness staff regarding any questions you have to using equipment safely or any training needs you may have. 

Prohibited Patron Behaviour 

  • No person within the fitness centre or studios shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the enjoyment, safety and health of himself/herself and others. Such behavior, including abusive or profane language, harassment of any kind, may be asked to leave.  
  • No personal training sessions other the TPASC personal training is prohibited in the fitness centre or studios.

Sharing space 

  • Please be prepared to share equipment and space. Be always courteous to fellow patrons. 
  • Please be courteous to others and limit your time at any specific piece of equipment to 30 minutes. 
  • As a courtesy to other participants, cell phone conversations are not permitted in program areas including the fitness centre and studios. Please have your conversations outside any program area at reasonable volumes. 
  • Please silence your notifications and ring tone on your phone when attending any group fitness classes.