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Field House/Climbing Wall/Track


The primary mandate of the TPASC Fieldhouse is to provide a setting for individuals to play and compete in sport that is safe, enjoyable and free of discrimination.  The TPASC Fieldhouse emphasizes good sportsmanship and safety during play and expect teams, coaches, parents and players to be respectful of other individuals, as well as the facility, both on and off the court. The essence of this mandate is to be upheld by all Fieldhouse patrons and staff, at all times. 



Physical or verbal abuse of any form will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the Fieldhouse. The user may be ejected from any program without refund. 
TPASC reserves the right to suspend and expel users who have acted in a manner that may be deemed dangerous to the facility users and/or facility staff.  Any patrons, including teams, coaches, parents, and players instigating and/or participating in physical altercations will be immediately suspended and/or expelled from further play with no refund of programming fees. 


Registration For Programs

All participants should pre-register for All-Access Drop-in programs. Hybrid access, pre-registration and drop-in, may be in place for certain Drop-in programs. If you are not registered and the program is at capacity, you should not be in the Field House for that particular program. Any costs associated with a program must be paid at the time of registration or at the Customer Service desk on Level 2, prior to participation. 

Drop-In Programs/Wrist Band Policy

Drop-in Programs

  • Drop-in programs are offered subject to court availability. 
  • Space and equipment will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis and may have an associated drop-in fee to play. 
  • Patrons attending drop-in programs must recognize that they are sharing the space with others and shall not claim exclusive use. 
  • The daily schedule of activities may be subject to change without notice. 
  • Patrons accessing City of Toronto and UTSC drop-in programs must refer to City and University policies and procedures. 


  • Wristbands are required for access to All-Access drop-ins will be checked prior to entering the Filed House 
  • Wristbands can be obtained at the Customer Service desk on Level 2. 
  • Patrons are required to keep their wristband on, intact and visible for the duration of the program. 


  • Equipment will be provided to user groups at the Sport and Recreation Desk on Level 1. 
  • A photo ID will be required to rent any equipment. 
  • Users will treat all TPASC equipment and property with care and respect.  
  • Should TPASC property be damaged, the User may be responsible for costs. Users will use only the equipment assigned to their group for the dedicated rental time. 

Rental Contract Agreements 

The Field House offers a wide range of possibilities and various configurations to accommodate rental requests, based on availability. A signed Rental contract will be required for all rentals inside the Field House, Climbing Wall or Track. A Rental Contract Agreement has set policies and procedures for each rental based on the requirements of each rental. Payment, time of usage, and all specific needs for that rental are clearly stated in all Rental Contract Agreements. 


Sport and Recreation Desk 

The Sport and Recreation Desk is staffed and located on Level 1. Information related to programming is available at the desk on a daily basis. 

  • Lock Rentals 
    • If you are renting a towel or a lock for the day, you will need to pay the fee at the Customer Service Desk on Level 2 and bring the receipt to the Sport and Recreation Desk, along with a piece of ID. 
  • Monthly Towel Service
    • Members can receive their monthly rental towel service at the Sport and Recreation Desk on Level 1. A maximum of 2 towels will be given out at any one time, for a towel rental service. 
    • For patrons needing a towel between 5am-8am towels are available at the Customer Service Desk on Level 2
  • Lost & Found 
    • Lost and Found items are located at the Sport and Recreation Desk, all items will be kept for a maximum of 2 weeks. For lost valuables (e.g. cellphone, wallet, etc.) those items may be retrieved at the Customer Service Desk on Level 2.   


The Field House entrances are located on Level 1, at the 1st and 3rd set of doors on the left side, down the north hallway. There are 4 separate courts used for programming. The Field House has many different sports programs, including high level sporting events throughout the year. 
No food or beverage is allowed inside the courts of play, only when allowed in the seating areas.   

  • Athlete/ Patron Dress Code: 
    • All athletes/patrons must wear a shirt, athletic bottoms, and indoor running shoes.
    • Dark sole shoes are prohibited. 
    • Jewelry should be removed or taped down for safety reasons.
  • Changing 
    • Changing within the field of play is not permitted, athletes/patrons are asked to use the change rooms available.
  • Food & Drink 
    • Food & Drink is prohibited inside the courts- water in an appropriate container is allowed on-court
    • Spectators, patrons, & athletes are permitted to eat in the stands- please use waste receptacles placed in the field exit for all garbage. 
  • Sharing Space 
    • When using the Fieldhouse, please be always respectful of other groups in the other areas of the courts.   

Climbing Wall

The entrance to the Climbing Wall is located on Level 1 across from the Sport and Recreation desk. Climbers are expected to arrive on time for bookings and will not be compensated for late arrival. Waivers for new climbers must be completed before entering the climbing area, including for all rentals. Proof of payment must be presented upon entry to the climbing wall space. 

  • Learn to Climb 
    • sessions are held at specific time slots during the weekday drop-in hours and must be booked in advance through the online booking portal. 
  • UTSC Students
    • new climbers must take a Learn-to-Climb lesson or pass a tie-in/belay test before being allowed to climb.  


The entrance to the Track area is on Level 2, immediately to the right inside the turnstiles. During special events or for specific classes, the Track area maybe closed to other patrons. Signage will be posted during these times. 

  • Patron Dress Code
    • No jackets, outdoor shoes, or boots are allowed inside the Track area.
  • Direction
    • Patrons are asked to follow the signage posted for the direction the track is moving each day. 
  • Community Walking Times
    • Patrons are welcome to walk the track during the designated walking track hours posted. 
  • Sharing Space
    • Please be respectful of all users moving around the Track and use the appropriate lanes for walking and running.