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Fitness Centre Health and Safety Measures

  • Reservations are Mask Mandatory unless specified as a mask optional session 
  • If participating in physical activity, masks may be temporarily removed. When travelling between exercises/activities or wiping down a machine you must put your mask back on. 
  • Mask can be removed when drinking fluid
  • 2m always distancing from others  
  • No social bubbles
  • Spotting is allowed only while wearing masks and max 2 individuals in close contact.
  • Personal Trainers will maintain a 2 m distance from their client(s).

Reduced capacity:

32 patrons Level 1
17 patrons Level 2

  • Stairs remain open, and patrons can continue to stay over their reservation time.
  • Closed equipment has been marked throughout the Fitness Centre for physical distancing
  • No moving of equipment around the Fitness Centre