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Statement on Racism

Given the recent events in Canada and United States, it brings us to reflect and ask ourselves who are we, what is important and how we can help. While it is a time of hurt for many, it is essential for Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre to support our community and do our part to create a diverse, inclusive and safe place.

Racism has no place at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.  

We are guided by our strategic core values; one of them being RESPECT. As an organization, we try to provide a barrier-free experience, inviting everyone in, making everyone feel welcome, respecting differences, and treating people fairly.

We are proud that we are in a diverse neighbourhood, and we believe it is these differences and the social interactions at the Centre which allow for learning and growth. We will always strive to be a leader in creating a welcoming space in combatting racism in all its forms. We stand with our community and are committed to holding ourselves and all our users accountable to these standards of respect and human decency.